Author: LisaNa Macias Red Bear

Neon, Cast and Etched Glass

Crystal Ancients

| Crystal Ancients – Cast, Etched Glass and Neon |


 I Glacier Goddess I

Vihio and the Power of Sky Reaching

| Vihio and the Power of Sky Reaching, Kiln cast glass|

 La Corazon de mi Madre

| La Corazon de mi Madre, Neon, Kiln cast and Recycled glass|

Defends Horses

| Defends Horses, Hot pour sand cast glass |


| Coyoxauhqui, Etched float glass |

Tate Weohpata

| Tate Weohpata, Hot pour sand cast, Neon glass, Glass seed beads, ceramic and wool Pendleton |


MALINAL RISES TO FREE HER GRANDCHILDREN, Fourth Floor Gallery, The Evergreen State College, Installation, Olympia, WA

1998 – 1996
KUNIDEEYAH, two-year loan to The Evergreen State College Longhouse Cultural Center, installation, Olympia, WA

LisaNa M. Macias-Red Bear

About LisaNa Macias Red Bear

LisaNa Macias Red Bear is an Awarded Interdisciplinary Glass Artist, Community Educator and Humanities Scholar. She is also a Credentialed Mental Health Professional, Native American Mental Health Specialist and Mental Health First Aid USA Training provider.  LisaNa possesses a unique cultural perspective and background in the Arts and Humanities. She is an innovator in conceptualizing…



| Tonantzin |


| Tlazolteotl |

Flower Priestess

| Flower Priestess |


| Jaguar |

Xit - a Warrior

| Xit, a Warrior |


Desert Sun

| Desert Sun |


| Sol |


| Healer |

She is seed of the south, soul revealed part 2, the cure

| She is seed of the south, soul revealed part 2, the cure |